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Workshop in USA. Tracy Owen Station Park, Kenmore, WA. June 2017

Workshop in USA. Tracy Owen Station Park, Kenmore, WA. June 2017

June 6 – June 10

Impressionist painter Vyacheslav Korolenkov will hold a 5-day landscape and still life workshop in the field (Tracy Owen Station Park, Kenmore, WA). The Artist is a graduate of the Stroganov Moscow Academy and has extensive experience with instructing artists of various levels of training. The class will have a group of about 10.
The Park has parking and restroom facilities, and is easily accessible by public transport as well as car. There is a pizza place and Starbucks within walking distance.
The class will cover landscape and still life painting, but deviations from the subjects are possible as the class progresses. The Artist will share his practical approaches, secrets and observations. You will learn in uncomplicated terms how to use composition in painting for achieving the most interesting results. You will learn color and tone technique.
We will work with oils. No art supplies are provided, so students should bring their own.
The first meeting will cover the conventions of painting and various techniques. Each meeting will begin with a demonstration, followed by individual work under Mr. Korolenkov's supervision. Each meeting will conclude with a discussion.
Exact times are to be determined, but the start will be around 8-9 am, to allow people to leave before rush hour.

Fee is $600.
With any questions about the class Please contact Margarita Passmore in PM.


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